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Poke demonstration

with Chef Sam Choy!

Join us for a special free poke demonstration by James Beard award winner and renowned Chef Sam Choy, the God Father of Poke!

MAY 4TH, 2024PM @ 4:40pm

Chef Sam Choy has been creating cuisine with fresh, local island ingredients since he was a boy learning to cook alongside his parents. Before the words “Farm-to-Table” ever came together, sourcing and cooking with the traditional foods of Hawai‘i was a way of life for Sam.

Click here for his full bio!

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In Hawaiian culture, poke holds deep significance as a traditional dish that reflects the islands' abundant seafood. With its explosion of taste and adaptability, poke has rapidly gained popularity worldwide. Its journey from a local Hawaiian delicacy to a global sensation is a testament to the appeal of this simple yet tasty culinary creation.

Poke, the Hawaiian word meaning "to slice" or "cut crosswise into pieces,"is traditionally used with raw high-quality ahi marinated with soy sauce, seaweed, sesame oil, and various seasonings.


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